The Complete iPhone 6 and 6 Plus Unlock Guide

So I’m guessing you have come across the post because you are interested in unlocking the iPhone 6? If you have then I have some fantastic news for you! In this review I am going to show you the best IMEI unlocking methods for the iPhone 6.

This will allow you to use the iPhone on any network that you can. So you don’t need to be tied down to an expensive rolling contract just to be able to use your iPhone. There are some scams out there when it comes to unlocking but I am going to warn you about those as well so that you only use working iPhone 6 unlocks.

We can break iPhone 6 unlocking down into three categories (only one of which is effective).

Unlocking Type 1: Software Unlocking – Just don’t use it.

OK, first off just don’t use software unlocking. Why? Because it doesn’t work. All the software unlocks are scams that are designed to get your money and then disappear. You will notice that the actual software isn’t available for very long and I have fallen for these schemes twice. Don’t make the same mistakes as me.

Unlocking Type 2: Hardware unlocking – It will work but isn’t recommended

The thing about hardware unlocking your iPhone 6 is that while it will work, it isn’t recommended to take this route. For a start it will void your warranty and there is a high chance that you can mess the process up. You need to order a bigger SIM card tray from China and then install it yourself. It can 30 days for it to be delivered and if you fiddle about with the hardware then you will void your iPhone warranty.

Unlocking Type 3: IMEI Or Network Unlocking – The easiest unlocking method for iPhone 6

In basic terms this is the best way in which you can unlock the iPhone 6. A service like the ones I have listed below will out the IMEI number (the code unique to your iPhone) onto a whitelist that Apple keeps of all the unlocked iPhone’s No software to download and nor new SIM card trays to try and install. It works and keeps your warranty intact as well.

You’ll receive an email within 24 hours to say that the process has been completed and that your iPhone can now be used freely on other networks.

In the interests of fair play there are some networks that can do this for you however they tend to charge hundreds of dollars whereas the services I have listed below are much cheaper and easier to deal with.


The Top 3 Services for Unlocking your iPhone 6

I’m not going to ramble anymore so let’s get down to business. These are my top 3 iPhone 6 unlocking services starting with my first choice.


1.    Official iPhone Unlock – A full 10/10 (The best iPhone 6 unlock)

If you want an efficient and trustworthy iPhone 6 unlock then these guys are the service you want to use.

Official iPhone Unlock have been around for a while and know what their customers want – a fast and reasonably priced unlock for the iPhone 6. I have been recommending them to lots of people and I am yet to hear of anyone having a bad experience with this this.

I first tried these guys on a Friday night. I thought that it would take until at least Monday afternoon before my iPhone 6 could be unlocked but I couldn’t be more wrong. Instead I got an email on the Saturday morning to say that my iPhone had been unlocked.

The customer support staff at Official iPhone Unlock are fantastic and they helped me every step of the way and explained the whole process to me.

You can’t go wrong with this service and they get a full 10/10 for every aspect of their business.

Get your iPhone unlock here: Official iPhone Unlock


2.    iUnlock Pro – 6.5/10 (Use if Official iPhone Unlock isn’t available)

This service is my second choice behind Official iPhone Unlock. The great thing is that they offer a working iPhone 6 unlock but they just aren’t as good as my first pick.

The website for this company isn’t the easiest to use and they also don’t use some of the major payment methods that Official iPhone Unlock do so that is a downside as well.

I mean, they do work and if you need an iPhone 6 unlock and Official iPhone Unlock isn’t available then by all means use them. It won’t be completed in as quick a time period but you will get it eventually.

You can find iUnlock Pro here.


3.    IMEI Codes

IMEI codes is my last pick on this list and my second alternative to Official iPhone Unlock.

The bad thing about these guys is that they don’t have as good a customer service as the likes of Official iPhone Unlock and this does let them down. In saying that, they will unlock iPhone 6 although I would only recommend them as a backup and not as a main source for unlocking.

If my other two choices aren’t available then IMEI Codes – which you can find here – are a decent alternative.


Hopefully from this review you will have learned that:

  1. iPhone 6 software unlocking is simply a scam
  2. iPhone 6 hardware unlocking will work but is cumbersome and difficult
  3. iPhone 6 IMEI or network unlocking is the only way to unlock and keep your warranty intact
  4. The best service to use for iPhone 6 unlocking is Official iPhone Unlock

Well that is it from me. I really hope you use my recommended service to unlock your iPhone so that you can use it abroad or even just switch to a more suitable plan at home.

If you have any questions then simply get in touch with me.

Thanks for reading!