How to unlock your iPhone 5

People make strange assumptions – they think that because I’m a computer programmer, I can just unlock their iPhone 5 for them like I’ve got some magic connection to Apple’s database…

Unfortunately, it doesn’t work like that.

Whilst I managed to hack into Shelly’s email (NOTE: she actually just left herself logged in on my computer but don’t tell her that), hacking into Apple’s iPhone database is a COMPLETELY different kettle of fish.

Yes, I understand that there used to be a software unlock available for iPhones, but that only works on iPhone 3g and 3gs. Every iPhone that was built after 1994 (or whenever the iPhone 4 came out) needs an IMEI factory unlock (the one where they put you on a global whitelist in Apple’s database of phones that can be used on any network).

BUT, the good news is that there are some guys who do have access to Apple’s database who can get your a permanent, safe, lifetime factory iPhone unlock that leaves your warranty 100% intact.

I’ve done some looking around to see just who’s the best and this is what I’ve come up with (in order of preference):


#1 iUnlock Pro (9.5 out of 10)

The only reason I haven’t given these guys a 10 out of 10 is because I’m sure they’ve got a fault, even if I couldn’t find it. They have the biggest range of permanent, lifetime, iPhone unlocks I’ve ever seen, they get it done in the fastest time, and, surprisingly, they were also the cheapest.

I got my iPhone unlocked from AT&T in less than 24 hours and saved hundreds in global roaming charges.

What I love more about them though is the 24/7 customer support. This is the real deal maker.

I put the wrong email address in my account when I ordered (yes, I know…) and got it changed in 20 minutes. 20 minutes! Who responds and fixes a problem in 20 minutes?


So, if you’re going to get your iPhone unlocked, start with iUnlock Pro. You can’t go wrong.

Check their website here: iUnlock Pro


#2 Official iPhone Unlock (6.5/10)

I was using these guys before I found iUnlock Pro

These guys aren’t too bad. They’ve got a good range of iPhone unlock, their prices are nearly as cheap as iUnlock Pro, and they’ve got a customer support phone number.


I started digging around for reviews of Official iPhone Unlock and this is what I found: Official iPhone Unlock

It’s full of fake sounding positive reviews and a LOT of VERY negative reviews. People claiming how long they’ve been waiting, and how much money these guys have cost them.

The thing about Trust Pilot is that all the negative reviews have been verified by Trust Pilot so you know they’re real.

My experience with them? It wasn’t too bad. The unlock took longer than they promised it would, their support took 5 days to get back to me and didn’t really answer my question when they did, and I didn’t have to ask for a refund (which seems to to be the issue that most people are having), but my iPhone was eventually unlocked.

So, whilst they’ve got the goods, it doesn’t look like they can really deliver.

I’d only give these guys a try if iUnlock Pro wasn’t available.


In Summary

If you’re one of the people who’ve been bugging me to help get your iPhone unlocked, here is your solution:


I don’t know if I can make it clearer than that.

They’re the cheapest, the fastest, and their best of all, their customer support rocks.

Visit their website here: iUnlock Pro