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You Would Do Well To Enjoy This Day

(This is a serialized poem, 19 stanzas posted to Twitter starting on January 18th, 2008, and ending on January 22nd, 2008. Here’s how it looks with some enhanced punctuation and a few special-edition plurals. If you don’t like poetry, then I’m really sorry about this!)

this sky is chalk wherewith to sharpen my pool cue

oh for the sky to be just once made of all mouths,
from the licky crocodile kinds to those types
which consume of the powdered donut gems

would that the clear sky were now ff00ff,
which is win32 transparent, the banned color,
they said we wouldn’t choose it,
well ff00ff on them
and stop lauding david blaine but deny him due claps
til he can stretch acrosst the sky and raise
the dead disneys with mouth sucking force
poor anna kornikova can’t send e-mail to any of us,
everything she writes is arrested by the spam filters,
and she is alone,
can’t you see
alone in the tennis courts,
as hollow as the very balls she serves
she must try harder, anna write your message on that ball
and lob it to me!!

oh no,
look up, the sun sees us,
dress me a dark domino igloo,
tune to turtle trap tv,
conspiracies and codes read by drowning anchors:
these dogs in our lives are not dogs, yell the dutch,
but merely enchanted whale’s flesh posing as such.
and cold in the shoulder,
a molded olds shook its gold and gilded motor,
dug from a delorean purely powered by solved sudoku.
the neighbor’s mice play filmstrips of a bird’s death,
though a sales presentation can be queued by request,
the terrible secrets of space

we may recite and reset paint formulas on cassette,
but when night closes down, we do turn to color wizards,
for whom ff00ff is the hex
rather than hypnotizing girls, they prefer to drink with a spoon
instead of good night, they say good after moon
anyhowtho, the girls will prefer to hypnotize themselves,
oh shameful waste, as she’s been graced
with a face and that’s my pendulum’s place

closing elegant moves to sell her door,
we loved the sound of it and sold rotary figures clothed in her odor
you say that’s not sales, just crosswords,
but before this gets heated, let me add: i’m not qualified
to pick the correct side of any argument.

all i know is, above all, the sky.
you’re hereby relieved, go brush your ponies.

by why the lucky stiff

february 13, 2009