Illuminated Letters in NodeBox

May 23rd 15:14
by why

You’ll see these in the opening passages of bibles and fairy tales. A big capital letter infested with vines, scribbled into a box. Very ornate. Illuminated letters.

I believe this set of NodeBox scripts is whipped up by Andren Novali, based on Edward Johnston’s recipe for an illuminated letter from 1906. A capital letter, a background, decoration around the letter, contained in a box.

Andren supplied some randomness and some Cornu curves and ended up with these:

Can’t you just see these in future books, the tendrils crawling out right when you open?



said on May 23rd 16:51

When I tried to imagine “the tendrils crawling out”, I thought about Cthulhu. I don’t want to risk an encounter with him. On the other hand, that might be a good thing, I would kill and cook him then.

Anyway, I think it looks very nice. I like how it looks on Andren’s last photo.


said on May 23rd 17:22

Eat? Cthulhu will be the only one doing any eating, blasphemer. Or maybe, slurping?

Anyway, it’d be nice if there was something like NodeBox with Ruby. It looks darn cool.


said on May 23rd 18:33

Hot diggety! those cornu things are great!
via Wolfram Mathworld:


said on May 23rd 21:05

Wow, those are super-cool. I particularly like the stuff around the “G.”

ben: That’s what I’m trying to accomplish with Scribble. It’s nowhere near NodeBox yet, but then again it’s only a couple weeks old.


said on May 24th 19:17

Nathan: I love what your doing with scribble…somebody please animate this


said on May 25th 04:01

brianmuckian: Wow, I hadn’t seen that. Pretty spectacular. Animation’s something that we haven’t started working on yet, but are definitely planning to include, and pretty soon at that.


said on May 28th 04:15

My dad wrote a book on Logo once… if this keeps up I might have to follow in the old man’s tracks.


said on May 29th 22:27

_why, everything is broken without you. TalketyTalk is Broken! 500 Error! Abandon ship! Unhand the parachutes! And this happens just as I was getting into HacketyHack. I joined the #hackety channel, where Indian Chief is. You should come visit. I’ll make chipote and spinach dal with lentils and paneer cheese. MMMMMmmmmmm.

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