Hacking Might Be The Missed Paradigm

June 15th 12:53
by why

Bonnie Nardi: I am concerned that in our zeal to move on to the “next paradigm” we may be missing a tremendous opportunity to extend and deepen the current paradigm. We have only scratched the surface of what would be possible if end users could freely program their own applications… In fact, such an ability would itself constitute a new paradigm.

I’m reading this book. And it is like religion, folks!


Michael Gorsuch

said on June 15th 16:10

_why, when I first heard of Hackety Hack, Alan Kay’s vision was the first thing that came to mind. Now I read this, and I see Kay’s name popping up all over the place. I’m glad that someone else sees the better point in all of this.

Thanks for all that you’ve done.


said on June 15th 20:21

Let’s just say that the explicit exclusion of the endusers from the accessible programming arena is a disaster of Katerrific proportions, and “george bush don’t care about black people.”

nuff said.


said on June 16th 03:10

I wonder if MySpace will be where a small generation of kids learn to “program” in the copy+paste sense.

Now that Facebook has an application platform, I wonder if that’s yet another distribution vector for HacketyHack? Writing a Facebook app that lets folks compose their own F8 apps…


said on June 20th 23:04

This is totally offtopic, but since the comments on the story in question has comments closed.

Thanks, Why, your flashing .GIF code literally left me sitting here drooling on myself. Why, you ask? (heh.) Parietal lobe epilepsy, chum! I hope I can return the favor of ruining a perfectly good evening for you someday.

Or at least, please, no more animated GIFs or Flash or any of that nonsense. Love ths site and would hate to have to stop visiting because of my particular medical condition. Please?


said on July 2nd 20:03

Making applications yourself is a good thing, no denying that, but so is keeping the old ones going by being able to fully modify them yourselves.
Take Hackety Hack for example. It’s turning into rather a stale project with no development for over a month and no word on any development, and it also has very little end user programmability, so the users can’t even tinker with half the program themselves to update it.

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