A Telegraph From Popcorn

October 31st 16:28
by why

Here’s one thing I like from Nina Katchadourian: Talking Popcorn. The popping of the popcorn is recorded by a laptop and translated as if it were morse code. Which is then read out through speech synthesis on a speaker attached to the popcorn machine. Hey, it’s not perfect, but seriously this is the closest we’ve ever come to figuring out the native language of Orville Redenbacher. (And his son.)

But the other thing that’s nice from Nina Katchadourian: Indecision on the Moon. Which is the Apollo 11 tapes with the sound edited so only the radio crackles and only the umms and errs are left over.

Oh, yes. In vinyl, please.



said on October 31st 16:50

Wey, so much goodness for such a green site.


said on November 1st 21:03

I keep clicking but not hearing.

Maybe the mouse clicks are the Morse code.

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