NKS Outtakes: Your Foot Can Pay Homage

November 2nd 11:59
by why

Here’s one that got left out of Nobody Knows Shoes. Doing a bunch of true shoe parallels just felt too broad. But, anyway, the idea is to teach stacks and flows by also teaching how to lace shoes in different styles which resemble each box type. You can vote stacks and flows with your feet.

See here: the Ladder closely resembles a stack. And, while you’re lacing it, kids, notice how each box in the ladder goes out of its way to stay independent. The laces cross over the bridge of the shoe in a very orderly style.

Right, and when you use stacks, all your images and paragraphs and things neatly go. Top to bottom.

It seemed to me, the sawtooth is a fine way of thinking about flows. You’re still going top-to-bottom, but the laces kind of weave left-to-right as they go.

And I guess evading stacks and flows, using coordinates directly, would be like a slip-on shoe or something. Or having gum stuck on your shoe. I don’t know, don’t ask me.

Anyways, a few years ago I visited my aunt. Her family calls her “Big Mol” even though she’s really all wispy. She’s a dedicated and bookthirsty librarian. Her personal shelves are all Bliss (BC2) or something. Anyway, she saw how I was tying my shoes, which was a very primitive rabbit-round-the-tree style and she gently took me through the turquoise turtle knot.

Seriously, it’s a good knot. Thanks, Big Mol!



said on November 2nd 13:32

Holy moley, I had no idea that there was a website devoted to shoelace knots nor that such a thing was theoretically possible. I am totally printing some of these out and giving them a shot. Thanks. You may have changed my life, _why.


said on November 2nd 16:52

I’ve seen these before. It’s awesome. I should relace my shoes….

BTW _why….why aren’t you ever in IRC anymore? And if you are, what channel?


said on November 3rd 19:17

Thank you for pointing me to that knot! I’ve seen those tidy double-wrapped laces everywhere and been envious of whoever had tied them.

Yeah, it might have been neat to put in the book, though…


said on November 8th 12:45


I now look dapper with my saw-tooth lace-up.


said on November 15th 03:21

Here is the site of reference for knots:


The site owner is also an enthusiast of assembly language programming, go figure.

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