Shoes Won't Let You Forget

November 30th 10:54
by why

Matt Gauger: It really does make a nice little app to have running off to the side, and I’d argue that it was far simpler to create than an AIR app or Apple Dashboard widget would have been with the same functionality. […] Coding in Ruby is so much fun, it makes trivial things like this interesting, and Shoes follows in that tradition.

Matt built a little cheat sheet tool for Vim. (Twould be cool to hook it up.) See, Shoes isn’t too scary. It’s changing every day but I guess I’ve moved on to purely bug fixing. Innovation is done for now.

Yes, well, the docs situation is kinda lame. NKS is purely for carnal pleasure. Naw, actually, yeah, who really knows what it’s good for. Roll it up and smoke it. Speaking futuristically, I earnestly do hope to get you guys some built-in help, in the form of:

shoes --manual


said on November 30th 15:01

That’s a really smart use of Shoes! I wanted to write a cheat sheet for a friend and I think I’ll have to do it in Shoes now!

Thanks for the good idea.

Matt Gauger

said on November 30th 23:15

Thanks for the link.

The functionality in the definr sample + that cheat sheet site = how I think I’ll extend the app. Thanks :)


said on December 2nd 19:05

Btw there is a YAML API to the Cheat site:

Just replace /s/ with /y/


said on December 3rd 13:50

I used this post as a reason to try out Shoes and hooked the two up into a little toddler app called Cheater Sneakers with pretty good results. I had a hard time integrating rubygems and just used the YAML API (after peaking at the cheat source).


said on December 9th 15:13

I remember looking at shoes sources some time ago, with a plan to ffi it from ccl, but it was all tightly coupled with ruby. (things like ruby object allocations deep in gui code.) did that change at all? any refactoring plans?


said on December 15th 03:36

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