BarCamp Brussels Didn't Know Shoes

December 3rd 10:12
by why

Please find enclosed the slides from Koen Van der Auwera’s talk on Shoes at BarCamp Brussels. These slides teach the fundamental ten bits of Shoes that you need to know, in the same order they are found in the internationally ignored and despised Nobody Knows Shoes.

The greatest thing about this talk is that it is only eighteen slides long. A Shoes talk should never take more than eighteen slides and, likewise, any Shoes book which goes beyond one-hundred pages should not be trusted!

Thanks to Koen and all the other little shoesters gathered around the ol’ camp fire.


Peter Cooper

said on December 3rd 10:59

It won’t be ignored for long. I got my copy last week and I’m going to attempt to set a printing press temperature record with a mention on Ruby Inside.


said on December 3rd 11:00

Why “the slideshow has either been removed or made private by its owner”!

But is it also true, that nobody knows Nobody Knows Shoes?


said on December 3rd 12:04

It does not matter how many copies sell, people universally reject and regularly lynch Shoes. Even those who like it are simply wearing a poisonous and overly-clenched smile. They cannot wait for Shoes to fall asleep so they can put its hand in cold water and make it pee its pants.


said on December 3rd 16:02

euh, I posted links to Flickr pictures of the session earlier today (but I included so many links that my probably was flagged as spam)


said on December 4th 13:59

I don’t know where/how else to ask you _why, but how would a developer deploy a Shoes app to other people? Or is this one of those Great Unsolved Problems nobody cares about?


said on December 4th 22:57

roberthahn: The Where is the shoes mailing list. See the front page of the Shoes wiki for how to subscribe.

So, to package up your app can be done two ways with Shoes:

  • You can compile to .exe, .dmg/.app and a linux binary.
  • Or, you can package as a .shy (Shoes’ own archive format.)

The first option bundles all of the Shoes libraries and wraps in an installer. This is done by using rake APPNAME=roberthahn syntax.

And the second option is a simple script which I’ll be going over on this blog in the next few days.


said on December 5th 14:05

awesome, thanks for your response, _why!

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