Not Too Far Away

January 13rd 12:18
by why

  • The Io language blog has a nice example of using self-modifying code to implement constants. The call message setName code was used on this blog the other day and some had called into question its usefulness.
  • Special Special Pages is a new blog in the vicinity.
  • Will Larson has a review of Shoes Curious on OS X: “Shoes development on OS X is still fraught with peril.” Thankyou for contributing your test script, Will. I’ll spend some time with this on OS X right now.
  • If Shakespeare wore Reeboks…, an othello game written in Shoes! Can I include this in the samples, supra-please Tieg??


said on January 13rd 17:51

Dearest dearest why, the RSS autodiscovery link for Special Special pages seems to point to Hackety Org. Might this be rectified ASAP (as snazzily as possible)?


said on January 14th 12:28

I would be honored! I might try to clean up the code a little or add some features that the guys on the mailing list suggested, so I’ll probably have a better version later this week. Of course, this was my first one so if you have any advice on better layout and stuff I’d be grateful.

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