The Lecturing Of Dr. Plainfield's Trilby

January 18th 13:29
by why

Plainfield: This could lead to… tiny hatreds… building up little by little… throughout the duration… of the development and testing processes. It is to this end that I would to like to propose a system of introspection and collaboration of information that… I’m sure you will find to our mutual benefit.

Loads upon loads of sheer poppycock. While I can admire Plainfield’s candor and the remarkable rapport which he holds with the camera lens, his conflated tone so very does flake my ears away, even as the molting of an aged pelican into the Chesapeake Bay. While I myself have no small affinity for Information and these selfsame platitudes, how quickly I tire of the brash monologues which now clog our youtubes. My migraines are pounding away now with tribal lust and I can do naught but for a nightcap and the tender comforts of a kind buttermilk.

Also, might I add something about goose-stepping morons who should be reading books instead of burning them!



said on January 18th 17:05

That…. is….. mmmm…. an unbearable mode… of speech. I — sniffs a bottle of ginger ale — honestly hope… he does not speak like that… because he thinks that’s how normal people… mmm… speak.


said on January 18th 17:11

right enough. no cheezburger for you, sir!


said on January 18th 17:15

For reals now, this man is a treasure. The tiny hatreds bit is just splendid!


said on January 18th 19:51

This is Genius, pure and utter Genius.


said on January 19th 05:45

I hope it didn’t take him more than one take to film that…

Yes, AI generated sigils, that’s what’s missing! We have all these little hatreds, because we haven’t let the cyclons do the project management. Or tell us who is part of a project. Presumably, since he removes the extra step of listing the members of the project, the cyclons will also decide who should be a member of the project. Just read their filesystem, and see if they are a good match.

I guess I better be carefull about my naming conventions, or I’ll end up getting assigned to QA automatic cat litterbox scooping devices.


said on January 19th 15:12

I will find you, and I will slit your throat where you lie.


said on January 19th 16:22

I will find you, and I will slit your throat where you lie.

The solution is, as it has always been, to always tell the truth.


said on January 19th 19:14

you all must stay away from plainfield. he convinced me to sell him all my twitter hashtags to him for a song (literally!) and threatened to “beat the metadata” out of me if i told an adult.

Professor Henry Jones, Sr.

said on January 19th 20:27

Junior, you left just when you were becoming interesting.


said on January 21st 03:03

I’m sure you’ll find this to our mutual benefit.

Seth Thomas Rasmussen

said on January 22nd 01:01

That was a truly awful parody. I didn’t even realize that ridiculous hat and revolting accent were attempting to do said parody until he almost directly, though poorly, quoted There Will Be Blood.

I link to the trailer because it is now crucial that all able persons see this work of sheer brilliance for two main reasons. First, the aforementioned brilliance. Second, the newfound appreciation one will have after having seen the film for exactly how awful the video posted here is.

Mister Jones

said on January 25th 10:51

This video was horrible, expectations have been lowered.


said on January 26th 09:23

A crappy parody of a disturbing derivative of an awful book.


said on January 31st 18:20

is that _why?

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