March 2nd 01:30
by why

As of today, Nobody Knows Shoes doesn’t belong to me any more. I have disowned it. Disowned it in both PDF and HTML. I have given it to the publick. It was a bad idea. I realize that now. Clearly! So much egg on my face. And sooooo many pancakes on my knee.

Many of you tried to tell me it was a bad idea. In fact, you told me that all of my ideas were bad. All present and future ideas. So I could have concluded that this was, as well, YES, a bad idea.

But it simply did not occur to me, at the time, that I was probably crazy and probably even insane. I could not see this clearly, from inside my head. However, now that I have had a chance to read a bit more about myself on the Internet, I now see realize I am very berserk nuts and probably doing drugs. I mean, duh, guys, everything that I say is totally unintelligible! You can hardly make out an actual English word when I write. It’s bad. I am spamming the good hackers of our planet.

My first step to recovery is to completely denounce Nobody Knows Shoes. I am distancing myself from it. It’s now completely on its own. I hate it. It reminds me of a very dark time in my life. Don’t make me go there. It gives me the chilly willies to even think about.



said on March 2nd 02:38


today is my birthday. it is a very happy birthday indeed


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said on March 2nd 05:46

I guess you use a relative link? Because from the RSS feed it leads you to the feedburner site.


said on March 2nd 06:48

I’m glad that you have recognized to have a real problem. It’s an initial step to rehabilitation and a I’m faithful and confident that you will struggle with those vile, mean shoes, and turn this blog into a visual basic learning center, and turn yourself into an employed programmer.

PS.I`m taking your shoes for a walk. Thank you!


said on March 2nd 07:22

That’s great news, but I still recommend the printed version available at lula–it really is very pretty :-)


said on March 2nd 09:15

How could you say such things about yourself and this book. Lies all lies. This book is your offspring and you will secretly love it whether it be public domain or not. It wasn’t a bad idea either; don’t like the blagosphere get you down.

Plus 1 on Ryan

said on March 2nd 10:01


Matt Brubeck

said on March 2nd 11:59

Is this the revised edition, and has the version on lulu been revised too?


said on March 2nd 12:03

Thanks a lot, Why!
I have been looking forward to the public release date for quite some time now. Thanks for Shoes, Hackety Hack, Hpricot and all the other good stuff! And don’t listen to the haters, you’re a legend, dude :)


said on March 2nd 13:24

Felix: It’s true! I’m so glad to start over. I will now have plenty of time to work on an Access database and some mail merges for a local realtor.

Matt Brubeck: No updates to anything. If I ever look at shoes again, I will put those into something new.

The rest of you are probably all spambots because no one knows shoes, no one cares about it, they have other things to do. There are so many personalized checkbooks to get and lots of new dvds to rent at macdonalds. It is dizzying and I’m just starting to get the picture!


said on March 2nd 15:57

I’m grateful, but I still prefer the printed version. I’d love to see a printed version of The Poingnant Guide. _why, are people dissin’ you? You must be doing something right.

I think it’s pretty funny that someone took you up on your offer and put it up on Ebay. I can’t believe that no one is publishing it to the masses.


said on March 2nd 16:07

Oh dear, the dearly beloved shoes is departing ways with its faithful slumlord, whatever will happen to this world we have come to adore.

Aside from all that weirdness and self obsessed twaddle; I have been looking forward to a public release. I’m sure shoes will be treated with interminable nurture. Even from this cruel cruel publick domain.

PS. Your shoes are taking me for a walk. _why++


said on March 2nd 20:03

Amanda Baggs says that you should be proud of being insane. You should not want to be cured. You would only become boring like me. :)

And don’t.., don’t rent your DVD’s at McDonalds. no. Netflix is here for a reason. :P


said on March 2nd 21:47

if i didn’t love my copy of nks so much, i might lock it away where it could stay safe from your disses.

so if it’s public domain, why don’t we put nks on the shoebox and collaborate on it?


said on March 2nd 22:52

H4z3: Your remarks have struck a chord, a very resonant chord. You are absolutely right! I have been too vain, using selfy words, blowdrying my hair and batting my eyelashes at myself. I must stop this senseless wearing of the mirrored gloves, a practice that served only to remind me of how I looked down at dog’s level, where the hands swing.

I denounce everything I have said in this post and am starting anew. I have reformatted all of my hard drives with a repeating ASCII pattern of DIE YOU VAPID ME and do not ask me about it. These were the follies of youth. Of a palsied and youthful, sick mind. I cannot emphasize the “sick” enough. Would that I could use every possible HTML tag to emphasize it to you.

Now let’s no longer dig up the past, but be only the best of friends. Come, let us dine on roasted sweet duck and waste the day away with an elaborate tournament of flag football!!

Jesse: Would Amanda Baggs happen to be related to a video arcade game called Bagman? Because a bagman is a robber who steals money from the savings and loan.

kevinc: The Shoes list has talked about transporting copies through the public library system. Perhaps you could submit your changes under the dewey decimal of 819.12 and we’ll keep an eye.


said on March 3rd 10:22

Come, let us dine on roasted sweet duck and waste the day away with an elaborate tournament of flag football!!

Is it a single-elimination or double-elimination tournament? Perhaps for good measure we should preface the tournament with round-robin play and some form of draft system…just so long as I’m not picked last! (Oh, who am I kidding…I’m always picked last…)

P.S. If these shoes could walk on water I’d be no more impressed…well, maybe a little more


said on March 3rd 10:29

And this whole time I thought Naughty by Nature’s OPP was about stealing peoples significant others. Now it’s clear that it’s really about the freedom of information.

Probably ghostwritten by rms! (?)


said on March 4th 08:57

This is beautiful.

Eric Cranston

said on March 4th 11:40

:: hug ::


said on March 4th 14:40

Hoka Hoka Hey!


said on March 5th 00:39

nooooooooooooooooooo. but thanks for releasing it in a form i can get at without paying some publisher money :)


said on March 6th 00:12

This is exactly what I needed! Thanks so much! The book is brilliant.


said on March 6th 03:49

Wow! It’s brilliant. I am used to very dry textes about programming, but you made art and my day :-) Thank you very much for the PDF-version.


said on March 16th 12:08

your just soooo dam kewl and funny (thanx for brighten my day! ;o)

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