Shoes Is Sort Of Making Its Way Through The Linux Packaging Machines

March 4th 10:44
by why
  • Bram Senders has put together a Debian package for Shoes. Available from apt in unstable and testing.
  • And an Archlinux package is out from Michael Fellinger.
  • A Gentoo ebuild was also posted to the Shoes list by Shanoah.

And, beyond that, I develop and build from source daily on Ubuntu and DragonFly.



said on March 4th 17:43

hopefully some kind fellow creates a package for macports


said on March 4th 22:05

shoes? being packaged and distributed?! we don’t have to worry about sweatshops, do we?


said on March 4th 23:35

This is crazy, _why, are you letting these madmen distribute your mirrored glove creation to these poor linuxers? Once a shoe is out of the box it can’t be put back in, don’t even think about getting multiples ones out of the box.


said on March 6th 12:13

ooooooooooh.. Gentoo. I’ll give it a whirl.


said on March 17th 17:25

The underground is broken. Someone made the graffiti read only~–_O

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