Your Eight Second Calling Card

April 23rd 15:04
by why

See, it’s just a lick of Javascript. And you end up with this:

Which makes these.

manveru: now we can have asynchronous phone calls!

Get your Firefox extension, Greasemonkey script or bookmarklet at this place.

But, more pertinently, for the hacketeers: I would like to add that Chirrp was largely written in haXe. So, the code for the Flash recorder and player is here. And, if you’ve got haXe and swfmill installed, you run ./ And you wind up with two Flash movies.

I’m sure quite a few of you have used haXe (or its relative: Neko VM.) This language’s even closer to Javascript than the ScummC language mentioned yesterday. You’ve even got anonymous functions in haXe.

static function startRecording(e) {
  stopButton.visible = true;
  recButton.visible = false;
  Base.record(uuid + ".flv", function(ns) {
    start = 0;
    clock = new Timer(200); = timeRecording;

Now, if you decide to hack the recorder to capture longer messages, just keep in mind that there’s a 200k file limit on the server, so you might be able to squeeze twenty seconds out, but it’ll be a bit tight. Maybe take the microphone rate down to 11 or something.



said on April 23rd 14:28

hola amigo


said on April 23rd 17:03

why – What are you doing on the server side? I looked at setting up something similar a little while ago, but the flash streaming media server was major $’s…


said on April 24th 05:24


I like it, but I think it’d be even better if you could add some text of your own to the Chirrp link. So you can add some context (especially for non-Chirrp users), or also use the d username and @username Twitter syntax.

In fact, I think I’d mainly use Chirrp for directed birthday or other congratulations…

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