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Here we are again with another new staff interview. Let’s welcome Babie, a fellow Ruby denizen from Kyoto, Japan. He’s an editor of the Rubyist Magazine (aka Rubima) and is working on the Ruby Library Report.

1. What are your favorite Ruby libraries?

Hmm… Error.pm is a must, Data::Dumper is a must too… Hey, it’s Perl’s :)

I venture an opinion for all the faults. My all-time favorite library is open-uri.

 $ ruby -ropen-uri -e 'open("http://jarp.jin.gr.jp/diary/") {  |f| \
 print f.read.match("<title>(.*)</title>").to_a[1].sub("port", "hack") }'

2. Have you bought any cool gadgets lately?

Yes, Yes! I’m grad you said that. I bought a mini PC Be Silent M6000 at the end of the last year. It’s a silent, little and bright-white beautiful box. I’ll set up my site till the end of the month…

But… Mac mini was released…orz… I’m biting my lips now. I’ll buy iPod shuffle to carry out revenge.

3. Have you travelled outside of Japan much?

No, absolutely not. I want to go, if anything, I wanna live in an other country. Why don’t you employ me? :-)

I wish I could go RubyConf2005. If in Hawaii, I’ll go.

4. Daigo likes the Beatles. I like the Beatles. Do you like the Beatles? Have a favorite song?

Oh, sorry. I don’t know the Beatles particularly. Instead, I love the Wildhearts. A long time ago, they were likened to “METALLICA meets The Beatles”. I went as far as to be in the inferior copy band.

I love “bjork”, “in flames” and many more, in foreign musicians, too.

5. (Since I left out the fifth question, Babie added his own fifth question!) Why did you join the RedHanded?


  1. English studying.
  2. RedHanded is funny, stylin’ and very readable.
  3. I wanna contribute to Ruby, cuz I’m grateful to Ruby for daily help. I think that you are happy if I will introduce the hot topic about Ruby on matz blog. The reason of joining the Rubyist Magzine editors and the study meeting in Kansai supporter is the same.

The other reason is “I Wanna Go Where The People Go”.

said on 19 Jan 2005 at 14:31

Hey. It’s good to come to know more about how Ruby is used and developed in Japan. Where I live in Brazil I couldn’t get a nice little box like that, or I would have. :-) Be Silent M6000 looks great. Anyway, I hope to hear more about you Michiaki. :-) Tks.

said on 19 Jan 2005 at 14:35

Everybody loves open-uri. In combination with Ruby’s Regexp features it is so very, very powerful.

Nice interview. :)

said on 20 Jan 2005 at 09:28

Hi, Joao. I or Daigo will write that, how Ruby is used and developed in Japan, at some future date.

“Be Silent M6000 ” is a bargain price prodact. I wanted to buy “Be Silent Sv10”. This is more little, more fast and more expensive ;P KuroBako(means BlackBox) is also favorite with Nerds. But M6000 is enough nice product. Japanese loves little, silent and cold PC. Don’t worry, because Mac mini is buyable in Brazill, you know?

Hi, flgr. That’s right. Mr. TANAKA Akira is a cool hacker. >Nice interview. :) Thanks. I’m glad.

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