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Showin Up On Technorati #

by why in bits

Among the various news aggregation portals (Bloglines, Artima, etc.), I really like the layout and variety of Technorati’s ruby tag (also linked in the right-hand column.) Artima has a tendency to forget about the site for a few days here and there. Technorati allows you to trigger an update by pinging its service.

The Technorati docs are a bit sketchy, though, so I’m going to save you a bit of time, should you want to join in. Here’s how to add your blog to the ruby tag on Technorati:

  1. Add Dublin Core subject tags to each entry in your RSS or Atom feed, using the word “ruby” as the content.

     <?xml version='1.0'?>
     <feed version='0.3' xml:lang='en'
         <title>CashHanded #5: Merchant Tools</title>
  2. Issue a ping to your feed. So, in my case, I used http://redhanded.hobix.com/index.xml in the URL box.

  3. If you’d like to automate updates to Technorati, setup your blog software to ping Technorati.

         server = XMLRPC::Client.new( "rpc.technorati.com",
                                      "/rpc/ping", 80 )
             result = server.call( "weblogUpdates.ping", 
                          "Your blog's name",
                          "http://your.blog.com/index.xml" )
         rescue XMLRPC::FaultException => e
             puts "Error: [#{ e.faultCode }] #{ e.faultString }" 
     rescue Exception => e
         puts "Error: #{ e.message }" 
said on 17 Jan 2005 at 10:12
said on 17 Jan 2005 at 16:24

Do you need to put the URL of your feed into the XML -RPC request? Usually such pings just require the URL of your weblog, not a specific XML file.

said on 17 Jan 2005 at 16:28

The only way I could get it to work was by pinging my feed, which contained the dc:subject tags.

It wouldn’t work by pinging my site, because I opted not to use the anchor tags linking to Technorati’s ruby tag. Who wants to have those show up in every post?

said on 17 Jan 2005 at 16:56

I believe the service could use RSS autodiscovery to pick the feed from the weblog home page. If that ping is the same ping sent to weblogs.com or blo.gs, then it has no reason to differ in the URL of the site the ping comes from.

Stuff for Technorati Support, I guess.

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