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CashHanded #5: Merchant Tools #

by why in cult

I know a lot of you are coming over from PHP. Well, you know what you can do for us? You can take your AuthorizeNet, Verisign, Paypal scripts and port them. Maybe a single lib which could handle them all?

Like Business-OnlinePayment. With Rails people showing up, this could come in really handy.

Side Effects! I guess this series of articles is paying off. I volunteered Wm Morgan for CashHanded #2. He’s agreed. To this degree:

Well sure, fellow Rubyists, come on over to my place! I have air mattresses, couches, and plenty computers to go around.

Just be warned that every moment I’m not at work or sleeping is basically spent in Emacs, in my undies, martini in one hand and Cuban cigar in the other. It’s tha Rubyist lifestyle.

Also, CashHanded #1 suggested a spam-filtering library. If your interest was piqued, look at other ideas here, including the MovableType-SpamAssassin plugin. How will our glue look?

said on 15 Jan 2005 at 00:27

I am very interested in taking this bull from the horns. If anyone would like to help, send me a note at lucas@rufy.com and keep an eye on technoblog

said on 15 Jan 2005 at 04:29

How about for CashHanded #6: Telephony Tools

A Ruby wrapper for Asterisk (http://www.asterisk.org) would be nice. :)

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