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Ruby As Genuine Coderspeak #

by why in cult

I’m sorry, I’m just bewildered. And quite sympathetic. Perhaps you’ll see what I see in Brian McCallister’s explanation of containers in webapps. He’s clearly speaking to Java developers. But using Ruby and YAML to describe his thoughts!

We don’t want to call Ruby a scripting language, right? A phrase laden with futility. And agile language is just a peppier replacement. For once, friends, I beg of you: take me seriously.

Coderspeak is the word you want. From Why’s (Poignant) Guide to Ruby:

My conscience won’t let me call Ruby a computer language. That would imply that the language works primarily on the computer’s terms. That the language is designed to accomodate the computer, first and foremost. That therefore, we, the coders, are foreigners, seeking citizenship in the computer’s locale. It’s the computer’s language and we are translators for the world.

But what do you call the language when your brain begins to think in that language? When you start to use the language’s own words and colloquialisms to express yourself. Say, the computer can’t do that. How can it be the computer’s language? It is ours, we speak it natively!

We can no longer truthfully call it a computer language. It is coderspeak. It is the language of our thoughts.

I truly hate to quote myself. I feel bad about it already. It’s just. This quote is so lucid, it’s like someone else said it. How’s that?

said on 10 Mar 2005 at 12:04

I agree, ruby is definately the clearest way to express programmery thoughts. At the same time, YAML is a better way of describing the structure of XML documents then, er, XML . So, yeah, given the choice I’d do more ruby than Java, right now I’m happy that I at least get to do a mix =)

said on 10 Mar 2005 at 21:41

Why, your comment about quoting yourself reminds me of a famous speaker who once said:

I hate to laugh at my own jokes, but… they are so funny! =)

said on 11 Mar 2005 at 01:06

reminds me of the quip that “any sufficiently well-commented lisp program contains an ML program in its comments”

said on 12 Mar 2005 at 06:22

YAML is a better way of describing the structure of XML documents then, er, XML .

hehe, at work I’ve written (Java) code to convert the XML messages sent by our app into YAML to make them easier to read in the log file.

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