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Cut It Out #

by why in cult

Come on, seriously! It’s Rails Day. Quit surfing the web and get back to your app. For crying out loud. You only have like ten hours left.

said on 04 Jun 2005 at 11:41

Some of us non-participants are surfing looking for some publicly available artifacts upon which to gaze. There are precious few, save http://www.anarchogeek.com/images/nutrient_screenshot.png

Next Rails Day should let the voyeurs of the community in on the action. Allow us to watch the works in progress with tiny bottles of hand lotion sitting next to our keyboards. Judges could award points for “most transparent development team.” It could make it into a real learning experience for pro’s and newb’s alike. No?

Currently we’re left to lurk #rubyonrails looking for delicate morsels to drip out. We want a peek behind the curtain, instead we get <[O_O]> waxing philosophic on puppies.

said on 04 Jun 2005 at 11:47

Yeah! you tell them!


said on 04 Jun 2005 at 11:51

Im going to watch a little tv first.. to get myself in the mood to code.

said on 04 Jun 2005 at 12:41

Dammit, I can’t stop!

said on 04 Jun 2005 at 14:20

All code repositories will be available shortly after the contest ends, I don’t really see the value of being able to watch code real time when you only have to wait less than a day to see it.

said on 04 Jun 2005 at 15:27

You want images?

Take your stinkin’ image

There’s some fun CSS in implementateinatng that layout, let me tell you.

said on 04 Jun 2005 at 16:45

nonparticipant did a pretty good why impersonation, maybe he could get a gig in vegas blogging on stage in front of adoring fans while… while… yeah, I can’t do this.

said on 04 Jun 2005 at 20:42

Aw shucks, my ol’ college nickname!

said on 05 Jun 2005 at 02:51

Man… instead of reading redhanded they should have included Readme files introducing the projects..

said on 05 Jun 2005 at 13:53

definitely, for the next RD add a rule “damn, replace the rails readme with something real!”

said on 05 Jun 2005 at 15:48

Well, Waxy is listing some favorite entries: Clockwork, Tackboard, Friendr, Space Tag, and Nutrient.

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