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Do You Know The Ruby Calibre Project #

by daigo in cult

The Calibre Project provides extensive general purposed library collections to supplement the core and standard libraries already included with Ruby. Examples include an ordered hash, module macros for dynamic mixins, attribute casters, etc. I longed for ordered hash. There seems to be little documents at the site. I hope the project will mature.

Paul van Tilburg, a Debian official developer, is packaging them. They will soon be available with Debian.

said on 15 May 2005 at 01:16

Hmmm… theme-able Ruby, or maybe Ruby theme-ing?

said on 15 May 2005 at 03:14

I like the fact that some minor modules such as IO::Reactor have been included in Carat, but I’d prefer to see different Licenses unified. This also makes me think of what happened to the Extensions project..

said on 15 May 2005 at 09:22

There are more extesion modules than I know…

said on 21 May 2005 at 09:40

Woow! Surprised to see this here. Much Thanks _Why!

Just to let you all know, a major new version is about to be released. The 0.7 series of Facets now includes all of what was Carats. So all extensions and additions are now avaiable in a one-stop shop. This came about thanks to working with George Moschovitis on Nitro integration. Additionally all the atomic methods have been cleaned up. This will be one big release. And yes, documentation of the website will be much improved too. Stay tuned.

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