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Floppyhedron #

by why in cult

I love this delicious reuse of 3.5” diskettes as facets! The sculptor, George W. Hart, also makes giant spheres from compact discs and interlocking books.

One of my personal lifewishes is to one day use amber polyhedrons as a storage medium. Kind of like the crystals that Superman’s dad used in the 1980s to archive filmstrips in the ice cave.

said on 27 Jun 2005 at 12:01

”...something like a barn-raising, but for art.”

I love that phrase.

said on 27 Jun 2005 at 13:34

but floppies are so 80s…

how about Blurayhedrons ?

said on 28 Jun 2005 at 15:32

Yes! Finally a use for all those damn AOL C Ds!

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