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Fox Preying on Bacon in Glasgow? Curious! #

by why in cult

A red fox eating bacon? Spotted by Gavin Montague in Scotland. AND THERE IS AN ONION. Wavy-style bacon is clearly an emerging graffiti motif!

(Good job, Gavin, Joey.)

said on 29 Jun 2006 at 14:47

Fox-borne chunky bacon infects the Zeigeist. Yes yes.

said on 29 Jun 2006 at 14:49

Zeitgeist, darnit. I am so wrong lately.

said on 29 Jun 2006 at 15:00

Tha’sokay bikkause I LOVE WRONG .

said on 29 Jun 2006 at 15:40

It makes me happy to be alive when I read some of your posts Why. This is one of them.

said on 29 Jun 2006 at 15:43

omg. this is so cool, i’m going to cry.

said on 29 Jun 2006 at 16:44

Indeed. I’ve been in an awful emotional rut lately, and the laugh I ejected upon seeing the bacon dispenser instructions felt fresh, new, strange and tingly.. all at the same time!

said on 29 Jun 2006 at 17:30

The receive bacon, enjoy bacon is from Joey, so make sure to love and cry on him!!

said on 29 Jun 2006 at 23:00

Yes, we suspected that the poignant guide was really, at root, all about onion worship and there it is in blue & white graffiti. The chunky bacon and cartoon foxes serve only as a gateway to The Onion with Infinite Layers.

Look out Flying Spagetti Monster, you have a rival.

said on 30 Jun 2006 at 04:32

The foxes have come to Bratislava as well: http://flickr.com/photos/palo_muro/38980766/

said on 30 Jun 2006 at 07:32

I followed along to the Joey-ness, but there was no feed! I could not feed on delicious, juicy Joey-ocity!

Boo Joey! Boo!

(Now, somebody please mock me and point out the feed.)

said on 30 Jun 2006 at 09:17

The feed is here: http://accordionguy.blogware.com/blog/index.xml

...but the problem may have been that I’d hit my max. bandwidth. I’ve allotted some more, so the blog and feed should be back up again.

12 Jul 2010 at 22:17

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