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Great Soks!! AutomaticSummary Is Cool!! #

by why in cult

Hey, imagine if you could do this with your wiki: Create new RecentChanges-style pages with custom criteria. Something like:

 # Automatically generated summary of new 
 # pages whose title starts with 'blog'
 AutomaticSummary.new( wiki,
   :regexp_for_pages => /^NBlog/i,
   :max_pages_to_show => 10,
   :pagename => 'Recent Blog Entries',
   :only_new_pages => true

Yeah, well, this works in Soks. I tried to hack this into Instiki and it exploded and flew outta my hands. (Bonus: there’s a gross exaggeration in this paragraph. See if you can find it!)

 gem install soks
 cd /var/www
 soks-create-wiki.rb  # runs WEBrick

You can then edit the settings of soks-wiki/start.rb to your hostname and authentication scheme. Then, run soks-wiki/start.rb and be off.

said on 12 Jan 2005 at 09:03

Okay regarding the HTML filtering post, what flgr has put on the page is quite nasty. I’m impressed that from Firefox it is causing IE to open on the goggle mail front page and appears to have killed the comment box.


said on 12 Jan 2005 at 10:21

His exploits definitely touched a nerve in Firefox more than IE. The comments box was still working in IE.

said on 12 Jan 2005 at 11:20

Oh, I think that nasty IE thing does not understand the ![CDATA[ ... ]] construct properly.

Regarding Firefox spawning an Internet Explorer with GMail: Sounds like something odd set that as the action for the mailto: handler. I’m not quite sure why they would use Internet Explorer instead of the default browser, though…

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