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Here's the Thing #

by why in cult

Three cheers for the big, red jewel.

Well, RedHanded was a month old.. err, a couple days ago. It’s just kinda wierd. Because I thought I’d run out of stuff. Nope, turns out there’s no end to the worldwide mayhem that Ruby has caused.

Anyway, thankyous are in order. I can sense from your comments and e-mail that you’re having fun following, so let’s push things forward.

There’s just one thing you can do for me this year—and I think it will pay off for you as well—come to OSCON. Come speak if you want. If my ridiculous and totally inappropriate session submission gets accepted, then I will join the besiegement. And so, yeah, I’d really like to see you folks come along.

said on 23 Jan 2005 at 04:12

what would your session be about? :) Even if I’m living on another side of the world, I’m almost tempted come just to see a presentation from you.

I almost can see through the fog of time hyper ducks and metasquirrels in a ruby/sdl fashion.

Btw, maybe some #cashhanded-like stream of news for presentations coul be useful.

said on 23 Jan 2005 at 18:04

Congratulations on making it past a month. It’s very impressive to see how you’ve been updating the site several times a day with interesting content – a lot of sites start out with great enthusiasm and then die quickly :-)

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