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I'm a Sucker for Quadsclamation!!!! #

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I also LOVE trolls. I really do. I loved Ilias. The guy could rebuff any criticism with: “See what I said in my last post.” He was like a guy dressed in garbage marching up the steps of Washington, tooting a bugle on the top step, clearing his throat and reading his changes to our government. And you try and interrupt and the talking just goes on.

An O’Reilly blogger sorta jabbed at some extension breakage and a security hole in Firefox—all of which I’m sure is very serious, we all need to be cautious and responsible adults—but a commenter replies:

And unlike Firefox, updating IE is not an iffy proposition and is pretty straightforward. Just go to Windows Update, and you’re good to go!!!

Well… every now and then, you have to validate Windows, and then you’re good to go!!!!

And sometimes you have to go to Windows Update several times because of dependencies and required reboots, and then you’re good to go!!!

And also, if you follow the security advisories, you have to basically turn off all the extra features, and you’re good to go!!!

So Slashdot. And that’s exactly the beauty of it. (Seen on anarchaia.)

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It must be interesting

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I also love trolls.

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what a curious thing.

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i used to be a troll but then adequacy died :(

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dfg df gdf gdfg

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Que buen sistema de comentarios

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titi tata

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i wear pants

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