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Our Big Break: Is Ruby The Language For Don Box's Kids? #

by why in cult

I’ve always had a premonition that Ruby will eventually live out its retirement as a reclusive elite, a language only used by the children of the wealthy and eccentric. They’ll use it to hack into each other’s private jets, forcing the robotic arms to serve the passengers—in place of sparkling apple spritz—a sordid concotion of french cologne and rabbit’s tears.

Well, since I know some of you also have been haranguing your kids into learning Ruby, perhaps you can offer some advice to Don Box (SOAP author and Microsoft wizard) as he selects a language for his kids. He’s listed Ruby as a favorable candidate, given that it’s both elegant and is enjoying wider usage. Don, I’ll have to dig out that replacement cassette I made for the Teddy Ruxpin that covers Singletons And The Grasshopper Dirigible.

Also see: Chapter Five of the (Poignant) Guide, wherein I converse at length with my daughter’s organ instructor.

Update: In the comments, Don writes:

After reading the Pickaxe book, I love Ruby, at least for my own use.

Looks like the hot contenders are DrScheme and Ruby now. So, really, the competition should be between DrScheme and FreeRIDE or FxIrb.

said on 20 Feb 2005 at 23:46

I wish there were a ruby equivalent to “How to Design Programs

said on 21 Feb 2005 at 04:31

If the decision depends on the interface, DrScheme easily trounces FreeRIDE/FxIrb. And Don’s kids most probably don’t give a damn about Rails.

said on 21 Feb 2005 at 05:25

zem: I bet we could ‘port’ it easily, all the needed work is setting up a hieraki project somewhere :) Well, apart from licensing issues. Maybe we can concentrate on “Thinking Forth”.

said on 21 Feb 2005 at 05:30

Agreed, FreeRIDE is totally not ready for prime time. A million little things like tooltips don’t work, it doesn’t feel native, not to mention that changing the colors crashes it and it never runs again, even after reinstallation.

said on 25 Feb 2005 at 17:27

Alex, How long ago have you tested FreeRIDE. The color problem has been fixed and if it doesn’t restart after a crash simply remove the ~/.freeride directory or USERDIR /freeride on Windows.

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