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L'Oreal Presents Night Vision #

by why in cult

Build your own Home Looking-At-The-Sky-With-Just-My-Regular-Old-Naked-Eye Kit

There’s something special about this homemade night vision kit from the Office of Naval Research. I get excited when I look at this. Excited to coat a pack of lightbulbs with nail polish. And then to hit the road, armed with the techonology to look at the sky whenever and wherever I choose.

Imagine your life under the watchfulness of Rubyish orbs.

I’m going to work in a harmonica brace. So I can strap on this mayhem and code out in the reeds and cattails. Nothing impaired.

said on 02 Feb 2005 at 14:47

This also works well in a nightlight. Less painful coming back from a ‘lighted’ room and one is still able to see their way around.

said on 03 Feb 2005 at 08:22

Just be glad that you don’t work at the Naval Research Lab here in DC… it’s about 100 yards from a sewage treatment plant. When the wind is blowing upriver… whew!

said on 03 Feb 2005 at 20:16

I thought recent Navy research had shown that blue and green were better for night vision preservation? However, my research indicates that Ruby red is still the way to go…

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