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by why in cult

Just stumbled upon this gallery of fractal afghans and mobius scarves from an exhibit in Georgia this year, individuals working to unite math and the fibrous arts. Seriously, don’t miss the abstracts from the agenda for the symposium. It reads like Stanislaw Lem realized.

Daina Taimina
Experiencing and Learning Hyperbolic Geometry from Crocheted Models.

D. Jacob Wildstrom
The Sierpinski Variations: Self-Similar Crochet.

Carolyn A. Yackel
Realizing Algebraic Structures Through Knitting.

Abstract: This talk will have two components. In the first part, we will discuss several different realizations of of the ring Z/(n) in patterned circular knitting. In the second part, we will discuss future directions for exploration by mathematical fiber artists.

The sewn fractal presented in the photo to your right is The Sierpinski Shawl. Please, also note: Crocheted Menger’s Sponge, The Lorenz Manifold, and (kxxx!) The Fibonacci Bag. Good stuff, now I wonder if this runs on Matz’ sewing machine?

Okay, well, here’s a LiveJournal walkthrough of the selfsame conference, which includes further glass and wood works. Along with further shots of the above.

said on 09 Jun 2005 at 10:49

And I was thinking of a math text filter!

said on 09 Jun 2005 at 11:03

Yeah, I was there (and am friends with Jake Wildstrom)—it was pretty freakin’ cool.

said on 09 Jun 2005 at 11:04

Yeah, I was really hoping for something like red cloth that supported math equations ;)

Though I know some folks who’ll get a kick out of this.

said on 09 Jun 2005 at 13:11

Cliff Stoll knits Klein bottles.

said on 10 Jun 2005 at 02:22

Don’t forget vegetables

said on 13 Jun 2005 at 11:07

Y’know, MathTeX support in RedCloth would be rather cool…

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