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Matz Replies #

by why in cult

Thinker pose at JAOO 2003.

Among a massive page of Ruby-related quotes, which I assume have been collected by Armin Roehrl, quite a number feature the patented Brief Brilliance of Matz, some going back to 1999. I love how he treats trollbait and slobbering praise equally.

I am sure Ruby has a great future ahead of it, and it will be a tool that I plan to become more familiar with when time permits. But that will have to wait for the future.

Bye now. I will wait you in the future. Yes, I’m living in the future (a day ahead of you; see Date field).

is there anything this man hasn’t done!!!!!

Many, of course. For example, I haven’t been hit by a bus.

Bruce Eckel thinks Ruby isn’t worth learning…

Many people think Riding motorcycle isn’t worth learning. They feel motorcycle are bad ripoff of cars (because of fewer tires). But others don’t agree.

Anyway, for me, it’s pretty interesting to see Python people’s reaction to Ruby. I’m glad Ruby has come to the state where Python people show reaction both positively and negatively.

Poster One: Always remember that access rules in Ruby are just fool proof. So it’s useful to prepare backdoor for them.

Poster Two: Isn’t this more like a front door, though? :-)

Maybe because Ruby is a mansion, a backdoor is bigger than you expect.

Thread concerning Perl Apocalypse 3 and the developers of Perl 6 showing apprecation for Ruby iterators and metaclasses.

It’s time for us to give them ideas back I’m proud of.

It’s so true. Motorcycles are a bad ripoff of cars. (Link to Armin’s quotes.)

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