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Matz will come to OSCON 2005 #

by babie in cult

Translated from matz blog, 2005-02-12:

O’Reilly Open Source Convention will be held on August 1-5, 2005 – Oregon Convention Center Portland, Oregon. There is a Ruby track in this year (it was held in year before last but not in last year). Because the due date for proposals I was commissioned by RubyCentral’s friends is Midnight (PST) February 13, 2005, I submitted it in a mad rush.

The theme is “Yield to the Block: the Power of Blocks in Ruby”. I will talk about the various uses of Ruby’s Block. I’m worry about that I could hold out. In Japanese, I am confident about doing it, but not in English.

I am supposed receive a result March 7, 2005. In case that the acceptance comes, I’ll go, but I must make shift the travel fees. Because I want to go Ruby Conference in Fall, I must find a sponsor. It made things easier in last year, because I didn’t go overseas.

If anyone be able to entry as presenters, he has free registration instead of a little expensive registration. If you do it at all, I advise you to try it because you have nothing to lose and it’s said that there’s little competition for the Ruby track.

said on 14 Feb 2005 at 19:33

RE:last sentence: lest anybody get humorous impressions, I went to most of 2003 OSCON Ruby track presents, and found them to be uniformly excellent, or better!

said on 15 Feb 2005 at 04:42

I have this feeling that this year there will be some kind of ruby mental storm at oscon, remember to bring your own pickaxes to fight off people when they go mad.

said on 15 Feb 2005 at 04:52

But there was a Ruby track last year at OSCON . They relegated us to a different part of the hotel from the rest, but we had a Ruby track.

I hope they give us a bigger room this year. If not, perhaps we could take over the Perl room with those Pickaxes. The camel doesn’t stand a chance.

We need some sort of talisman (or T-shirt, perhaps?) that identifies us as Rubyists at OSCON . Maybe Ruby-red robes with hoods and our duck logo embroidered on the front. Maybe train conductor’s hats with red stripes instead of blue and a Rails logo…

said on 15 Feb 2005 at 10:23

front of T-shirt: ”!APH”

back: ”I don’t need Python”

said on 15 Feb 2005 at 10:41

or, my favorite Ilias Lazaridis quote:

“The Java failure is everywhere!”

(maybe not such a great idea)

said on 15 Feb 2005 at 12:06

Phil: chalices brimming with Fanta, majestically dyed stallions, and a gallant display of swordsmanship betwixt pigeons—wherein the first two drops of spilt blood doth chill our vertebrae with its matchless hue!!

said on 15 Feb 2005 at 12:52

I second the idea of talismans, say, this ruby hat

said on 08 Mar 2005 at 17:35

Uh, I favor going back to the tee shirt idea. That way we could still get past security and into the conference. :)

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