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What's This Mischief I'm Hearing On My Ruby Stethoscope? #

by why in cult

Dual Editions

Rubyist Magazine has published an English article (Using Win32utils) by Daniel Berger, alongside its Japanese translation. I love these promising collaborations between Japan and the States that keep popping up.

Zen Parse Ferret Horror Picture Ferret!!

The face of RubyInRuby to come.

Ryan sayz:

ParseTree is a little brown stinky ferret that digs down a hole and violently rips the AST away from the warm bosom of ruby.

Naw. He looks like a mud monkey. A slow, plodding, non-violent mud monkey pacifist. But here’s some ferrets and techno music to get you all jazzed up for further ParseTree releases.

I’ll tell ya what. We’re gonna have an animal clash on our hands if this continues.

Ikk Fpp

James Edward Grey the Second has announced that all of the quizzes have yielded a highly-conditioned team of well-groomed, well-trained, Ruby-tongued mercenaries. (Hopefully.)

And what do we do with this force? We give them three days, followed by one day.

Oh, the Demand

Jamis Buck’s new job at 37signals. The Amazon purchase of 43things. RedWallets galore.

Guys, guys!! You can work full-time in Ruby!! It’s like there’s no rules anymore!! (Blech, stupid rules.)

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