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NaHi's food.

Is this really a food photo blog by NaHi?? Now we can get actual shots of the very substances that are powering SOAP4R’s creation!! I’m not sure what that is to the left, but it was presumably eaten yesterday. My guess would be: a ramen calzone.

NaHi actually has a rather large bite, when put to scale against a keyboard.

StandardError: It turns out, this isn’t NaHi’s food blog. It’s his sister-in-law’s. Still, I insist, this story is relevant! I still want to know what NaHi’s eating that’s giving him his sudden bursts of stamina.
said on 06 Jan 2005 at 03:41

Looks like some kind of milk derivate to me, but hey, I guess it can’t be, its Japanese !

said on 06 Jan 2005 at 07:12

imo just a simple strawberrypie

said on 07 Jan 2005 at 08:00

Not mine. :-) She is a better half of my younger brother. The cake was a souvenir of her Chinese colleague. Yeah, a hard cake with strawberry jam paste, she wrote.

Though I don’t know how to read that 3 Chinese characters, the beginning 2 characters means ‘strawberry’ and the rest means ‘cake’ I think. It’s so simple.

I don’t know why such a young grace woman gave such a rather large bite, maybe she was so hungry.

said on 08 Jan 2005 at 15:14

nahi is right, the chinese is “caomei su”, strawberry shortcake. good with tea. :)

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