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New Subversion Book #

by why in cult

The RotaryVault.

New pragmies book out! A book on Subversion by Mike Mason. Buy the combo pack and the PDF is a mere eight bucks extra. (via PragDave)

said on 03 Feb 2005 at 08:19

Got to get ahold of that book and get svn running on RubyForge; lots of folks are asking for that…

said on 03 Feb 2005 at 10:19

Having read Chad’s blog, I’d have to agree something that would be nice would be to have svn bindings for ruby. Couple that with some cvs bindings and an abstraction class and voila, revision checking w/o having to know subversion commands. . . .

said on 03 Feb 2005 at 10:25

There’s a decent Subversion plugin for Eclipse called Subclipse for those interested.

Hmm…I can’t get to the site atm. Not good.

said on 04 Feb 2005 at 01:52

I discovered something that looks like a diff-patch thing for svn bindings a while ago.

said on 04 Feb 2005 at 10:22

thanks. yer (a) jem.

said on 08 Feb 2005 at 18:29

Writing SVN bindings as an extension is a major pain, mainly because SVN uses Apache’s APR for memory control. I once wrote to the point where I could do a ‘ls’ on a remote repository directory.

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