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Open Source Conference 2005 At Tokyo #

by daigo in cult

Open Source Conference 2005 was hold at Mar 25-26 here in Tokyo. There were two sessions about Ruby at the following day. We kept uploading live JPEG snapshots to share the atmosphere. Sorry we could not say earlier (I didn’t know Sasada-san had such a plan).

About 100 people joined the sessions. Takahashi-san, Sasada-san, Stoyan and Kazuhiko-san talked about Ruby on Rails, YARV and Hiki which is a Wiki clone written by Ruby. Matz also chatted with Skype call from his home and answered questions from the audience.

Look at the two minutes movie here [Windows Media Player]. Please download the file and watch from your local storage.

said on 26 Mar 2005 at 04:14

hei, what’s up with 1111819803.jpg? did you do something so bad you needed to delete it? :)

said on 26 Mar 2005 at 11:18

No, no. It might be a script bug or network error.

said on 26 Mar 2005 at 11:30

Thanks for sharing the nice movie!

said on 26 Mar 2005 at 12:46

Very cool! Thanks a lot. You had lots of fun! :-)

said on 26 Mar 2005 at 16:43

What, no ruby colored surgical masks? :)

said on 27 Mar 2005 at 01:47

great movie! And I’m completely sold to the takahashi method :D

said on 04 Apr 2005 at 04:25

2 of 10 Japanese seem to have Hay Fever between March to April. > masks

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