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Rails Laid Through Waxy and Adaptive Path #

by why in cult

Continuing to speed through the worldwide brainshare faster than is safe for any locomotive I’ve known, Rails is now showing up with increasing regularity on Waxy.org Links, manned by the king of linkfiends, Andy Baio, best known for breaking the story on the Star Wars Kid. An entry posted today sniffs out a secret Rails project under development by Michael Buffington and Adaptive Path. I don’t know these particular names—maybe some of you can fill in what this means.

Well, I guess I can tell what it means. That Rails is reaching beyond the world of coders, as we know it, and into the bohemian worlds of JavaScripters and bloggers. With the anticipation of a true pre-eventualist, I readily hope that they come. (See the final paragraph of this.)

Anyway, consider adding Andy’s linkblog if you want to follow his coverage. With three Rails links since the month opened, I think he’s going to follow some red handprints down alleys that we (and Riding Rails) happen to miss.

said on 15 Apr 2005 at 01:19

Re-reading that final paragraph was very encouraging. I mindzapped back to when I was borrowing BASIC books at my local public library, and the first pages of programming philosophy were always so ponderous, so deep-thought, so before-their-time. Thoughts about the future are often bleak, but in programming they become amazing visions of good. That’s a feature, not a bug.

said on 15 Apr 2005 at 01:22

(In the above, I meant re-reading the final paragraph of the blog post about the PoiGuide. Nothing else.)

said on 15 Apr 2005 at 02:05

Adaptive Path is the conulting group that coined the “Ajax” term, with such influential luminaries as Jeff Veen, Peter Merholz, Lane Becker, and Jesse James Garrett.

Michael Buffington is another long-time web geek, and just generally a very neat guy.

And I’ve been following Rails pretty closely, even though I haven’t done any development yet. It looks like a great environment, though I don’t know how I feel about leaving Perl/PHP for Ruby just yet.

said on 15 Apr 2005 at 09:09

olleolleolle: I envision a future wherein your name is repeated a fourth solid time. How is your RPG ? Please tell everyone.

Andy: Wow, it will be very cool to see what these people can do with Ruby as their medium.

Yeah, traditionally, most Rubyists come from the Perl or PHP vicinity. Perl guys coming to Ruby get to keep their regexps and gain clean object-oriented programming. PHP coders get to keep clean data structures and gain metaprogramming.

Anyway, you’re welcome on Ruby-Talk and I’m sure DHH or Dave Thomas or myself will help ease the transition whenever you’re up to it.

said on 20 Jun 2005 at 15:42

Darn, me coming back to this old comment, had not seen it before. The RPG ! Woulda been a contender. I still have the picture hanging onna wall. Want a scan: I’ll fix that.

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