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Railz0r3d!! #

by why in cult

Gosh, guys. More people gettin railz0r3d.

Antonio Canigiano goes off in Dublin:

No, no I am not betraying my wife… Ruby is simply one of the greatest languages on earth! ;-) ... I am also doing security consultation work for a prominent search engine, translating a few documents from English to Italian for Open Source projects and I have started a new rather ambitious, large scale project using Ruby, Rails and PostgreSQL, which I can’t provide details about at this stage.

Jason Perkins lusts after ActiveRecord:

I had the opportunity to see David Hansson’s Ruby on Rails in action (quicktime demo here) and really had my eyes opened as to the possibilities that a full implementation of the pattern affords.

He then proceeds to implement an ActiveRecord-a-like in PHP. Then, a week later, he’s writing a meta tag scraper in Ruby. (Cue sounds of infiltration!)

said on 25 Jan 2005 at 21:31

See, now you made me call my tiny Rails miniblog railz0r3d. It’s all your fault!

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