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Ruby/DL 2 #

by why in cult

Incident to some inadequacies in Ruby/DL, problems which kept Jamis Buck’s pure Ruby SQLite3 libs from happening, concerns were brought to Ruby-Core. Despite a day or so of silence, this afternoon yielded word from Takaaki Tateishi, the author of Ruby/DL.

He says:

Now I’m developing Ruby/DL2 to replace Ruby/DL with it. It will support ‘long long’ type and remove restictions on callback function. But I’m not sure when it will be available.

The Rubyforge project for Ruby/DL2 is here.

Yes, Japan is far away and, yes, the language barrier can seem insurmountable. Ruby-Core is the gateway and I’ve never had anything go unnoticed there. Be patient. For example, Akira reported a Syck bug last week. I’ve just now got a fix that will go in with my next set of patches.

Bug reports are just as important as bug fixes. No, wait. Strike that. Bug reports are definitely more important.

said on 05 Jan 2005 at 09:30

Bug reports are definitely more important.

So true!

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