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Ruby + e17 #

by why in cult

bleeding e.

Forget Kapsules. I mean Kapsules is neat and I don’t regret posting about it—absolutely not—how could I? I uphold the original decision to do so. But imagine my paleness, the powerfright, when I saw the Ruby-EFL bindings. My allegiance to enlightenment is truer.

I’ve been compiling e17 from CVS weekly. It’s lookin sly. If you want to give it a try, I’d highly suggest the Unofficial DR17 docs.

The Ruby-EFL bindings give you hooks into e’s internals. Meaning you can write little apps and widgets for e. Over the next few weeks, I’m gonna drop some Ruby scripts I’ve been using with e16 and e17.

said on 27 Jan 2005 at 13:49

I think I need to clear things up a bit :)

Ruby-EFL provides bindings for the libraries that e17 is based on, not bindings for e17 itself.

However, I’m also working on a Ruby module for e17, which will allow you to write e17 modules in Ruby.

said on 27 Jan 2005 at 14:44

That’s cool … I tried E17 some times ago (for the pre5 AFAIR ), and it was really cool.. I’ll recompile it this week-end.

_why, please, o post your Ruby scripts for E16 ..

said on 27 Jan 2005 at 16:06

nooooO! Dont forget about Kapsules!


What can I say, it’s mine and I love it. Thanks for posting it though!

said on 27 Jan 2005 at 16:23

Welcome, Andrew. Naturally, I’m jokin. Kapsules is a heap of fun. It runs much better on my XP machine than Konfabulator does.

Way to go on the new release. Hopefully you’ll see some Ruby widgets from this bunch.

said on 28 Jan 2005 at 14:59

So, it’s time to return to enlightenment?

I’ve had great fun with ion after I thought e17 was stranded, but there’s too much lua there nowadays.

Been running KDE for a year now; but it misses something. Fun?

I know; KDE , ion and enlightenment are probably as much opposites you can get with three windowmanagers… But that’s probably why I’m insane. And not in a good way.

said on 28 Jan 2005 at 16:40

You’re my cult follower. You do what I say.

said on 31 Jan 2005 at 14:52

I use ion at work, and while being a total denegation of visual art, it’s perhaps the most efficient WM ever … For fun I use enlightenment and E17 …they definitively roX

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