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Sasada-san started to write blog in English #

by babie in cult

Sasada-san, one of the Magi in Ruby world, started to write a part of his blog entries in English since 2005-06-06 .

His blog’s main topic is about YARV . You can see a latest idea & challenge about new RubyVM. Please comment for advance of Ruby and his english ability.

said on 07 Jun 2005 at 15:43

This is a great concept and I just had a look at the blog. That simple short-circuiting RubyManiac puzzle was fun but too easy. The other thing about linked lists and graphs I could not understand. I will be checking back there again very soon!

said on 09 Jun 2005 at 01:41

I love this, it is a great way to keep a community in sync, thank you ko1

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