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Starmonkeys at the Office #

by why in cult

It’s tragic that this sat in my inbox so long. I love it when people send e-mail with funny image attachments. Annotated screenshots or spin-off comics.

It's the eating chalk one.

Here’s proof sent by one Anders Bengtsson that he finished his starmonkey project. He adds:

I recommended the poignant guide to a few coworkers who were starting out on a project in ruby. Since they hadn’t used ruby before they not only got to enjoy your writing, but also seemed to be learning things!

Their project may have been stalled by other priorities. But the starmonkey we built still watches over them every day. It even gave the room a weird apple-scent for a few days before the apple dried.

said on 26 Jan 2005 at 09:31

Thank you: I got to revisit the hearty laughing fit that I experienced when originally read that portion of the poignant guide.

said on 26 Jan 2005 at 13:51


said on 26 Jan 2005 at 13:51


said on 26 Jan 2005 at 13:51


said on 27 Jan 2005 at 02:49

Allow me to provide an update: The Starmonkey’s head has now shrunk to almost half its original size. The rubber band has also broken, but the head manages to stay put. Under the Starmonkey’s watching eyes there is lots of ruby programming going on these days.

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