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Surplus Project Names Need Real Bones #

by why in cult

Can anyone tell me what these sites do? I came up with the names, based on what might instigate buzz, but I can’t figure out what they do. HELP.

  • Wikr
  • Greasecasting
  • del.iver.que.st
  • craigstadalist
  • Ajasxom
  • 43brainz
  • MapTorrent
said on 20 Apr 2005 at 14:45
  • Wikr – collaborative basket weaving
  • Greasecasting – eew.
  • del.iver.que.st – parcel delivery meets geocacheing; we give you the GPS coordinates, you collect your package
  • craigstadalist – “gangsta” classifieds, run by “Da Craigsta”
  • Ajasxom – Albanian carpooling and meetup hub
  • 43brainz – ask our panel of 43 experts
  • MapTorrent – global precipitation maps built with data collected by users
said on 20 Apr 2005 at 15:13

Nope. MapTorrent has got to do with piracy of atlases on a massively multinational scale.

You’re so off on Ajasxom that it’s perfectly captured my fancies.

said on 20 Apr 2005 at 15:53

I guess we could implement MapTorrent on top of Google Maps with a trivial extension to p2p.rb. Perhaps we could use RMagick for removing the watermarks.

said on 20 Apr 2005 at 16:28

Clearly, 43brainz should be a informational site for all the brain eating zombies we have in our midsts… I mean if we don’t inform today’s youth about Zombie Reagan all is hope is lost!

said on 20 Apr 2005 at 16:31

Not sure about the others, but I know for certain that greasecasting is a system whereby motor mechanics can share the contents of their tool boxes with each other. Probably wirelessly.

said on 20 Apr 2005 at 16:35

Almost forgot; MapTorrent. You’re trying to get from A to B, but to do this, you need to go visit X who gives you a map of the first section of the journey, from X to Y. Y then gives you another bit, etc., until you get to B. The great thing is that the burden on central map makers is reduced, as they just have to send little bits of maps to a few people.

said on 20 Apr 2005 at 16:53

Managed to find a greaseCasting promotional image online.

said on 20 Apr 2005 at 18:16

Good initiative, pmcm. I feel big plans. Wow, everyone. This IS exciting. I have a feeling we’re in store for a long, tireless night. Stay hydrated.

I also forgot:

  • Segwaksonomies
  • Mobjax
  • Freechalking
  • Goognedict XVI
said on 20 Apr 2005 at 20:31

Nice. I’ve been goofing with something similar: http://burri.to/~joshua/fut.html

said on 20 Apr 2005 at 21:17

Okay, I’ll bite.

  • Segwaksonomies – guerilla efforts to document the increasingly divergent Segway product family. (New this year: the Segway Family Transport— weighing in at over five tons and with six electric motors drawing a whopping 20MW per mile, it can transport five people up a relatively short incline.)
  • Mobjax – combining 80s breakdancing with the classic children’s game writ large, spontaneous mobjaxing events are sweeping the east coast.
  • Freechalking – The City. Rife with caches of sidewalk chalk left by underground “freechalkers”. Take a piece, leave a piece, draw a picture. You subversive.
  • Goognedict XVI - Google’s free dictionary project celebrates its 16th edition. Despite a motto of “don’t be evil”, still no Imprimatur.
said on 20 Apr 2005 at 21:24

I vote for zombies, by the way.

said on 21 Apr 2005 at 01:10

MenTaLguY: You vote for them as opposed to braking for them? Well, it’s pretty clear that a bit over half the people voted for them.

Hmmmm… come to think of it, maybe 43brainz has something to do with finding a brain for #43? Sort of a donor site.

said on 21 Apr 2005 at 11:32

Joshua: that’s a chalkpedia for us.

MenTaLguY: the Segway Family Transport is such a great opportunity for parents to teach the value of inertia. The fabric of society is healing! We are doing it!

said on 21 Apr 2005 at 16:27
  • MMORPBlogs
  • Firefauxhawk
  • Asynchronous Ubuntu
  • Skypetagging
  • Google Boy Jeans
said on 21 Apr 2005 at 17:12

And while we’re here hinting at the pope:

said on 08 Jul 2005 at 11:33

Asynchronous Ubuntu allows you to break your package database without the dependency on Sid. In real-time.

said on 15 Jul 2005 at 09:42

I like titties.

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