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That Robot Doesn't Represent My Text Stylings #

by why in cult

TextMate replacement icons.

Reader Skip Speedbike stopped by earlier today and I want to echo the concern he has for you TextMate users who can’t relate to the current robot icon. You know—the one that’s gently dismembered. Dismembered in a way that only OS X can make cuddly.

In case this is troubling to you, and maybe you don’t want your clients seeing that icon, or you lack the caregiving skills to nurse the little robot back to help, here are alternate icons, including the soft gears picto’d above.

Smashed potatoes robot.

The link on the wiki to this 1970s robot sensation who sold mashed potatoes in the UK is a nice segway, too. Original commercial is here. A beautiful related ad can be found here.

said on 10 Jan 2005 at 05:51

chuckles Thanks for finding those videos, I haven’t seen those ads in many many years.

said on 10 Jan 2005 at 08:19

That robot flexing his muscles. And it’s just a can going up and down. BLEEP !

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