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The Glowing And The Power #

by why in cult

Point and click like Marble Madness is back in style.

See, this is what’s best, people. Rosy and bejeweled trackballs from Japan. The model pictured to the left is the Logitech ST-45UPi and it absolutely reeks of Ruby Mastermind.

I can guarantee that son-shi (the promised guru who will lead us out of bondage and straight to the promised Rite) is using this trackball right now. However, it is certainly possible that son-shi has inlayed the trackball into a gargoyle’s hand. He is allowed such modifications.

Stare into it.  Now cross your eyes.  Your brain is now being Marshalled...

Another beautiful specimen: Microsoft Trackball Explorer. Oh, that lovely wasp’s eye, laced with millions of sensors to detect each delicate pad of your finger. Its love for you is deep. (More trackballs at neko’s Trackballroom.)

said on 03 Jan 2005 at 17:40
  1. I am
    1. thinking
    2. of buying
  2. a trackball
    1. cool
said on 04 Jan 2005 at 02:03

The Logitech is highly recommended!

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