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The Least Surprised #8: With Sprinkles and Chinese Sundaes All Over #

by why in cult

The Least Surprised #8: With  Sprinkles and Chinese Sundaes All Over

Aggh. Stupid day. My venue in San Diego fell through. No RubyConf.

said on 09 Sep 2005 at 16:45

Bummer about RubyConf. Someone will have to update your Wikipedia entry.

said on 09 Sep 2005 at 18:16

How can you not be coming to rubyconf? Venue in what sense? I have a couch thats good to sleep on if its needed.

said on 09 Sep 2005 at 18:20

I too won’t be able to make RubyConf this year, though I think _why will be much more missed. Next year though!

said on 09 Sep 2005 at 19:05

_why: You won’t be going to RubyConf!!!??? This is horrible news! You’ve gotta go, otherwise half of the registrants will cancel. I’m sure someone has a venue for you. Everyone’s looking forward to your impromptu powerbook case-art session.

BTW : had no idea you had your own wikipedia entry. You’ve definitely arrived when you’ve got your own wikipedia entry.

This: <|:{ is an identicon, not an emoticon. I mention this so that no one will try to patent the identicon. This is just one example of prior art. Lawyers begone.

said on 09 Sep 2005 at 19:06

What about a ”_why not come to Rubyconf” fund drive? It would probably take about 13 internet minutes to get this bummer rectified.

said on 09 Sep 2005 at 21:07

Seriously. Is there anything we can do?

said on 10 Sep 2005 at 05:49

Guide us toward your PayPal account and let the dollars roll it. You’re going buddy!

said on 10 Sep 2005 at 09:18

Blindly sent money to w:at:wtls:dot:n via PayPal.

said on 10 Sep 2005 at 19:27

I might be wrong, but I think _why is saying that since he has no venue he can’t put on the show he did at OSCON /FOSCON: the multi-media, muscial tour de force that included shadow puppets and the Thirsty Cups.

Would the RubyConf site itself be a suitable venue? Perhaps the show could still go on during one of the meals or at the end of the day?

said on 10 Sep 2005 at 23:20

I’m putting in some vinyl fence for my grandpa to get my very own revenue, so I hope it’s okay if I click on whatever will send Bil back his money. I get it. You guys want to hang out. That’s great.

I’m just bummed that I got bumped at the Che Cafe. It would have been a sweet spot to get outside the conference place for the weekend, goof around on laptops in rooms that actually have big windows, colored tables, junk everywhere. I love that place.

said on 11 Sep 2005 at 03:59

Dang. I was so looking forward to seeing you.

said on 16 Sep 2005 at 11:28

If you get caught w/o a room for whatever reason, I’m pretty sure I have an extra bed in mine (my reservation paperwork is at home in the filing cabinet and I’m at the office right now) at the conference hotel and wouldn’t care if you wanted to crash there. I’m sure there would be other people who could fix you up with a similar arrangement.

Hope to see you there.


said on 16 Sep 2005 at 21:21

What will I do with my October now?

said on 22 Sep 2005 at 11:04

Ha! Din Clip everyone!

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