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Throw Papa Down The Socket His Drb Reference #

by why in cult

Yeah, so, I really appreciate the support Bruce Eckel has shown this last year. He came outta nowhere and just started being my friend and encouraging my work on Why’s (Poignant) Guide. Which is cool because I really owe Thinking in Java for being (1) the first coding book I ever read for free over the Net, and (2) for getting me back into programming when I was young and couldn’t afford the traditional price for information.

And so it ups the ante on the Guide, because now I have all these legendary bastards reading along. (Smiley.)

Part of being Bruce Eckel must suck, because everybody’s hittin him up to give a statement on Ruby. Surely, this coding behemoth must have the wherewithal to be enticed by Ruby’s intoxicating design! Is he not pragmatic? Is he not gifted with proper goggles to see this beauty? A smite upon his ankles and upon his family’s ankles!!

Well, his statement is here. I like where he compares Ruby to Pennsylvania Dutch. But I’m way into colloquialism, so.

said on 10 Jan 2005 at 06:23

What a to-the-point post™. Thank you.

said on 10 Jan 2005 at 09:38

Maybe Bruce is considering Thinking in Ruby? Perhaps he’s thinking of repenting over dissing Ruby a few years back? If so, send the man a pair of Ruby slippers, pronto!

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