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Stay Warm And Pragmatic #

by why in cult

Reflection.  Introspection.  These are what Ruby is about.

Trim, sensible, red baby alpaca cardigan. $129.95. No, it doesn’t have embroidery of a duck.

Still, made of the only substance on earth than has the measure of quality found in our language of choice. (via Alpaca Direct.)

said on 11 Jan 2005 at 04:31

Fashion alert: Everyone knows, of course, that Italians are ahead of the fashion curve (well, almost everyone… well, maybe a few people believe this and others are skeptical…) In my travels through Italy I have noticed that red-jeans seem the be the ‘in-thing’ for guys. So be on the lookout for red-jeans to arrive in the US at an ‘Original Marines’ (that’s what they call ‘Old Navy’ here) near you. Purchase a pair along with the Ruby-red alpaca cardigan and wear them to the next Ruby Conference.

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