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What Will OSCON Hear? #

by why in cult

OSCON is next week and my helpers are busy assembling the last of the puppets and cartoons. It is sure to be a craptastic fest of styrofoam and dolphin flesh. I’m still trying to decide whether to get the audience wet. I’m starting to lean toward flame.

If you aren’t going to be present at OSCON and you’re in the area, please come by the gathering on Wed night. No cost, nothing like that. It’s hard to tell at present how much red one can feasibly wear to this thing. I’m counting on at least one Ann Jillian as the Red Queen.

What will these folks hear? What will OSCON hear? Look under his hand…

said on 28 Jul 2005 at 15:50

Arg, somebody better record this for those who can’t attend!

said on 29 Jul 2005 at 02:22

Wow .. the ‘Why’s Poignat Guide to Ruby’ soundtracks are awesome !!!

said on 29 Jul 2005 at 04:36

Okay, those are sounds of mad and crazy wisdom. I am convinced now. I have seen the light. I must to learn ruby now. Must seek more knowledge. Back to reading the poignant guide.

said on 29 Jul 2005 at 15:45

Good stuff. Sadly I won’t be making either gathering this year.

Bring joy to the Rubyists for all of, man.

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