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Building YARV 0.1.0 #

by why in inspect

Sasada Koichi just released his first proper version of his Ruby bytecode compiler and virtual machine, named YARV. While it’s all still very experimental code, you can execute small scripts and run the benchmarking suite. Certainly entertaining at least.

Building YARV requires a patch to current Ruby 1.9 code. You’ll need to check out from CVS, then patch and build Ruby.

 cvs -z4 -d :pserver:anonymous@cvs.ruby-lang.org:/src co ruby
 cd ruby
 patch -l < ~/src/yarv-0.1.0/evalc.patch

 make install

Make sure you use dash-lowercase-L as an option! The whitespace between CVS and the patch is ambiguous.

Now, go to your YARV directory, build the extension and run the benchmarks.

 ruby extconf.rb
 make benchmark

I compiled on FreeBSD and it was necessary to use gmake above rather than make. The benchmarks take quite a while to run. If you’re impatient, you can get an inkling of the sort of speed YARV is seeing from the Cygwin benchmarks.

said on 11 Jan 2005 at 10:59

yarv is really fast compared to curent ruby. And the AOT compiler is a thing that people will love, imho. But a lot more work is neccessary, please come join devlopment

said on 11 Jan 2005 at 13:07

Yup, join the list!

said on 11 Jan 2005 at 14:27

anon is gabriele renzi. come on out, gabriele.

said on 11 Jan 2005 at 16:55

well I’d feel arrogant qualifying myself as a developer ;)

said on 12 Jan 2005 at 18:20

thank you for introduction :)

said on 12 Jan 2005 at 21:59

you are doing terrific work, koichi. terrific!!

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