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Dwemthy's Array, a Ruby MINI_DUNGEON #

by why in inspect

Dwemthy's Array is harsh and fun and precisely for you.

Do you really think you can defeat the drgn??

 class Dragon < Creature
   life 1340     # tough scales
   strength 451  # bristling veins
   charisma 1020 # toothy smile
   weapon 939    # fire breath

Dwemthy’s Array is the new role-playing game to be featured in chapter six of my (poignant) guide. I toiled for months to come up with a truly succulent way to teach metaclasses. And I’m happy it’s turned out to be so vile.

Hacks, improvements, flame-singed choral robes… yes, please… on poignant-stiffs.

said on 23 Mar 2005 at 11:24

Interesting, but aren’t you afraid someone will call you a stick in the MUD ?

said on 23 Mar 2005 at 12:21

That’s quite wondrous. You should require users beat a bigger, badder Dragon before downloading chapter seven, The Revenge Of Felix. (Maybe it’s not called that, but I like to play pretend.)

said on 23 Mar 2005 at 12:40

Felix is dead. I ripped his face off with my bare hands.

But I suppose he could get his Revenge still. Isn’t that how it is?

said on 23 Mar 2005 at 13:00

Hmm, nice content. The background on the h1s (and to a lesser extent the page background) is causing major legibility problems, though.

I had to take several breaks while reading it because it was messing with my ability to focus on the plane of the screen.

said on 23 Mar 2005 at 13:29

actually, i really like the arcade test pattern look. have you seen this?

said on 23 Mar 2005 at 16:08

shut up with your wizzy cool links, timb, or i’m going to have to ask you to help me blog.

said on 23 Mar 2005 at 18:07

you just redefined the word cool!

said on 23 Mar 2005 at 20:17

why, why, why. I triumped! I defeated the last horrendous beast of the Array. And I get a NoMethodError for my troubles. Hint: Array#first returns nil when fight calls it during retaliation.

I may have gotten lucky, I suppose. I suddenly found myself with a whole bag full of bombs! And the other rabbits called me a cannibal when I wore this good luck charm.

said on 23 Mar 2005 at 21:12

Just spent some time REALLY reading Why’s webpage and sidebar in chapter two. He’s either brilliant or insane. I’m voting for the former only because I could see the kid with the coolaid, painted ruby lips and singing the candy coated clown they call the sandman. I’d prefer not to have to submit myself to hits of ‘juice’ with a Mecda Model D.

said on 26 Mar 2005 at 22:00

The Array killed me dead. Dwemthy should receive my most humble appreciation for my demise.

said on 02 Apr 2005 at 17:02

Dwemthy breathes on, unaffected.

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