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Fading Rollups in 3k #

by why in inspect

moo.fx is a handful of javascript effects in 3kb, dependant on Prototype’s ~28k JS. Looking through the moo.fx source code just reinforces a few things I’ve already adored about Prototype:

  1. The Prototype library has such a unique coding style and, without needing to say a word, these extension libs just follow it.
  2. By nature of providing mixins, Prototype made extensions totally natural.

The world does need a browser with a Ruby VM inside. Anyway, that’s the point.

said on 26 Oct 2005 at 21:47

i can’t help but notice that this library also doesn’t have the same “click multiple times and get weird flashing effects” pitfall that scriptaculous suffers from.

said on 26 Oct 2005 at 23:10

mozilla is looking to include the ability to use python as a scripting interface. Ruby could be possible

said on 27 Oct 2005 at 03:58

openoffice already has python support. when’ll ruby be there?

said on 27 Oct 2005 at 04:00

hmm, my bad. it seems to already exist

said on 28 Oct 2005 at 16:35

Epiphany is already python-scriptable. Ruby can’t be far behind.

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